The following is is an excerpt from a fitness blogger, she’s talking about slipping when trying to eat clean and break a sugar habit/addiction.  But whether it’s a slip back into old eating habits, relationships or comfort zones, the principle remains the same —dust yourself off and forge ahead. Training is a lifestyle and we train for life.  

All is not lost if you have a slip. Keep moving forward. Go back to your original notes about why you’re doing this, and how badly you feel after that sugar binge.

Don’t bullshit yourself with navel-gazing, self-pitying stuff like, “Oh, now it doesn’t matter because I’ve already screwed up, I’m such a failure, I might as well just lie here and die, blah blah blah.”

Get over yourself. You’re a warrior and you took a shot to the gut. Fine. Suck it up. Shut up with the whining, stop crying, wipe your nose, and get back in here, soldier.

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