Closure is bittersweet; the end of one chapter, the start of another. I got mine this past Friday as I donned university regalia and “crossed the stage.”  It wasn’t just the end of my undergraduate degree, it was the end of a life I used to know and it gave me an opportunity to bid adieu to a few things and people from that life.  Sometimes we don’t get the closure we seek, so we make do with what we have. There was no buildup, there was just no time; my schedule didn’t permit a spare moment for a fleeting mind. But since Friday, nostalgia has plagued me and I find myself reflecting about the past five years.

What a journey it’s been!
It started off with the Bachelors of Science in biotechnology honors co-op program offered through the University of British Columbia and the British Columbia Institute of Technology that only took 20 people per year and finished with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Political science from the University of the Fraser Valley, a budding career as a philosophical counselor, public speaker and workshop facilitator/moderator.  
The four and a half years between UBC and UFV comprised of living in Kelowna, Burnaby and Abbotsford, more than enough credits and courses, a dead grandparent, a nervous breakdown, some very uncomfortable living situations, blood, sweat, numerous tears, broken hearts, hurt feelings, bruised ego, discouraged spirit, dismantled relationships, friendships, rekindled spirit, renewed faith, revitalized dreams, psychological distress, incredible success, overwhelming support, amazing connections, ups, downs, mood swings and so much more later, the day finally came! 

If I had to list all the people who helped me get here, this would be a very very long post. I’ve tried to extend my gratitude throughout the course of my studies and feel as though I’ve given credit where it is due, when it’s been due. perhaps a bit too much to some at my own expense. Nonetheless, the past five years have been very educational and if I have learnt anything, it’s that I still have a lot to learn.

It’s been a good chapter,

but this story is far from over…