This past wednesday, June 6th, would have been my late grandma’s 89th birthday. I paid my respects to the picture of her I have in my heart when I woke up, sought her blessings and went on with my day.

It was a normal day, MY normal; 5am to 9:15am at one job, 9:30 to 5:30 at the other, then gym, then a little pow wow in the parking lot with a very dear and appreciated friend. By the time I got home, it was 9pm and I was wiped. I trudged my way upstairs to say hello to a family I rarely see anymore.

Turns out a white bird was perched on the car hood when he came home. He brought it inside, it was unable to fly. How it got onto the hood of the car is beyond all of us. It was obvious this was someone’s pet — these birds don’t frequent the Fraser Valley. My mom and dad placed the dove into a big box and placed some water in a bowl and a handful of seeds and a blanket. They had let it loose throughout the house a while earlier but quickly learned that might not be the best idea on the newly installed hardwood floors…

My dad eagerly picked up his ipad and excitedly showed me pictures of him holding the bird. I managed half a smile. My dad didn’t have much of a childhood, so sometimes that forgotten child makes a guest appearance in his adulthood. This was one of those times. “It’s your grandma!” he squealed, “she came to visit us on her birthday,” trying not to be dismissive, I coaxed another smile, not knowing what to say. My mom chimed in, “it’s someone’s pet, the owner must be crying at home, it’s probably a woman’s, look at how she comes to me” and she picked up the bird and put it on the ground. Sure enough, the bird waddled its way to nestle itself by my moms feet. They sat and talked about the synchronicity of this white dove paying us a visit on the birthday of my grandma, though I was skeptical, the coincidence was uncanny and kind of comforting.

Faith is a powerful thing; “the belief in something when common sense says otherwise” …

Think of all the things we couldn’t accomplish, or wouldn’t even ATTEMPT to accomplish, if we didn’t have a little faith? Faith gives us something to hold on to, a sense of security, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that all we need to keep going? That little shred of hope?

Be it a higher power, a “one day,” or the notorious “things will get better.” Faith gives us an incredible strength of spirit and mind — enough so to even triumph over reason and rationality sometimes.

After all, what’s the alternative? Cynicism? Skepticism? Distrust? Bitter jadedness?

It’s your path, choose wisely; because you alone will walk this path.