A few days ago I wrote about Karma

Questions ensued and it became apparent that there are different understandings of Karma. So I’d like to share mine; the purpose of this blog is dialogue, primarily my internal dialogue. The purpose of dialogue, internal or otherwise, is understanding. If it serves another purpose, or serves another person, that’s a fringe benefit and I’m humbled.

<The (over)used term has been generalized to mean “what goes around comes around,” but that is an incomplete definition.  

Karma, a Hindu concept of cause and effect, that takes place over LIFETIMES. 

“fun” fact: Hindu marriages are a seven lifetime commitment,
in fact, the Hindi language doesn’t even have a word for divorce).
Hindus are in it for the long haul…

As per this understanding of karma, the karma I live now is a collaboration of actions from this AND past lives. That is the purpose of reincarnation, there is no savior who died for my sins; this soul has sinned, this soul shall repent, no matter how many ‘bodies,’ shapes and forms it will take. Life IS the penance and good deeds performed now, if not making this life better, will make the next one better, and eventually good enough to attain liberation from this circle of life and death. Herein is where detachment becomes pivotal; we (those who adopt this belief) should not and realistically cannot become emotionally entangled in the ups and downs of life, realizing that these ups and downs are irrelevant to us, personally, they are a continuum over lifetimes, the soul that inhibits our bodies. So, doing good and getting bad, is karma — maybe just not one that you’re aware of from this lifetime.

Life is suffering, life is adversity, life is beautiful and life is temporary. Life is everything and nothing.

Again, the purpose of dialogue is understanding, not agreement.