Our understanding of the world is built upon a foundation that elicits reactions and reaction seekers. We are surrounded and bombarded with stimuli, new information, advancing technologies; the faster, the better, the brighter, the better; we are conditioned to think fast or, ideally, to not have to think at all.

See –>;;; Buy
Want –>;;; Have

We are creatures of habit (adapted habits for Darwinian fans), but underlying all of that is our basal or primal instincts. Marketing companies take pride in their ability to manipulate those primal instincts; sex, hunger, thirst and other attributes we’ve grown to believe are necessary to human life; the desire to be needed, the need to be desired, and so on.

Humans are complex, amazing and beautifully chaotic creatures with the unique capability to rationalize and reason.

This means that between the cause and the effect, between the response and the stimuli, there is an opportunity for humans to THINK. Some of us capitalize on this opportunity more than others. Sometimes this opportunity is compromised because of feelings and emotions – the other things that make us humans so unique. So what are we to do?

Reflect. Take a minute. Take an hour. Take 24 hours…

Take however long you need to cool and/or calm down. Recognize when you’re in a state of emotion and not reason.

For me, this is when I can think about the topic, person, situation, etc. and make conscious observation of my facial expression and physiological state. My brows aren’t furrowed, my forehead not scrunched, my hands aren’t quivering, my chest doesn’t feel tight, the blood running through my veins doesn’t feel coagulated and laden with little caffeinated critters. It happens! Until this keeps happening, I’ve learnt (the hard way) that I’m not ready to rationalize or see reason. Emotions are running too high and there is emotional attachment. Clarity is compromised.

Don’t have that kind of time? Acknowledge that. If you have to get back to someone & don’t feel like you’re in the right headspace to do so, just say so. Tell your employer you need some time to think about the position, tell the realtor you would like to reflect in the offer/weigh pros and cons, tell your significant other, friend, that you need time to process, etc. ignoring them isn’t polite, it’s rude, disrespectful and will compel others to leave. Time cannot be returned, its a limited resource, once people think this resource is being drained, they’ll cut off. Just because we need more time doesn’t mean we can keep them hanging and waste theirs, people will lose interest. Employers will find someone new, realtors will find another buyer, more convenient others will come into picture and you’ll lose your significance. “No one wants difficult, no one wants drama, and no one wants to wait. No one has time to wait. Life has conditioned us otherwise, so RECONDITION your REACTIONS with conscious, purposeful REFLECTION, RECOGNIZE the perspective that is otherwise impaired and be REASONABLE.

Control your emotions. Cultivate your capacity. Take time to reflect, but be considerate and take your own time to do so. Reactions will lead to remorse. Reflections will lead to realizations.

Recognize. Reflect. Realize. Reason.