Before getting carried away with what someone says, consider the source.

What is their level of knowledge on the topic?

If someone is giving their opinion of you, how well do they know you?  Does their opinion matter?  Why? YOU are the authority figure on yourself, last time I checked, we live and sleep with our own consciences — not someone elses and vice versa.

What is their credibility?

This goes hand in hand with their level of knowledge on a subject, you wouldn’t necessariliy ask a stranger on a street for a medical diagnosis? If you’re seeking answers, ask someone who has ILLUSTRATED that they have an answer, or an experience that can lead you to an answer (the latter is better– someone who can guide you to your own self-englightenment is a much better and safer person to seek guidance from).

What does it matter?

Who cares what other people think, do your thing and do it to the best of your ability. Friends and family will call you out on things that they see, but what you do with that information is your perogative.  It’s your life, as a dear friend tells me, “do what thou wilt”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not everyone’s opinion matters.