JIM: Yep – that’s what I judge to be your principal trouble. A lack of amount of faith in yourself as a person. You don’t have the proper amount of faith in yourself. I’m basing that fact on a number of your remarks and also on certain observations I’ve made. For instance that clumping you thought was so awful in high school. You say that you even dreaded to walk into class. You see what you did? You dropped out of school, you gave up an education because of a clump, which as far as I know was practically non-existent! A little physical defect is what you have. Hardly noticeable even! Magnified thousands of times by imagination! You know what my strong advice to you is? Think of yourself as superior in some way!

LAURA: In what way would I think?

JIM: Why, man alive, Laura! just look about you a little. What do you see? A world full of common people! All of ’em born and all of ’em going to die !
Which of them has one-tenth of your good points I Or mine ! Or anyone else’s, as far as that goes – Gosh !
Everybody excels in some one thing. Some in many!

All you’ve got to do is discover in what

– the glass menagerie…

A young friend brought my attention to this piece of literature. What a strong message it sends. Become that “Jim” for someone and you’ll never feel like “Laura” again.

Encourage one another. Inspire one another. Propel one another forward, onward and upward.