Asking someone to question their beliefs isn’t easy or readily welcomed, especially if they have been brought up or belong to a community that believes a certain way and have for a long time. Think about religion, what happens when we question someone about their religious beliefs? Do they become defensive? Dismissive? Disturbed?

I’ve come to understand it takes a very secure person to be able to withstand or even discuss the foundations of their belief systems. It definitely has potential to be an uncomfortable topic. This is why it’s commendable when people seek philosophical counselling, because they are willing to shake up and question the very foundations on which they stand. They realise their beliefs, assumptions and values influence the way they think and they first step to changing our state is changing the way we think about our state. This is also why it’s commendable when people give testimonies of their faith, because they’re willing to stand up for what they believe in

When I first started counselling, I felt like I was the one that was getting the service.  I was learning more about myself through facilitating my clients’ thoughts. Raising questions about their beliefs, values and assumptions often made me question some of my own.  It wasn’t a bad thing, it was a great thing. 

When we questions our own philosophies, they might be readjusted or reaffirmed.  Either way, they come out stronger and give us a more solid and secure foundation to stand on. We feel assured, and when we feel assured our confidence sky rockets and that confidence exudes from the pores of our skin, our smile, our eyes, even our toes and gives us this force field of positive energy.

Think about some of the most confident and self-assured people you know, do they not RADIATE light? Alluring, isn’t it?

Ms. A takes it upon herself to question my beliefs, values and assumptions all on her own.  She is quick to ask about my opinion on a matter. In offering my interpretation of a situation or experience (the outside perspective), I subject my way of thinking to her questioning and in explaining my position on something, am able to re-affirm my beliefs and simultaneously provide insight for her.

If your beliefs can’t stand being questioned, or collapse upon questioning, that says a lot about the validity of your beliefs.Whatever the premises may be that lead to the conclusions, it serves as a much stronger argument than one without any premises at all

A shaky foundation is better than no foundation.  Shaky foundations can be compounded and strengthened.

So, believe in something. Stand for something — stand for yourself. Build a foundation for yourself that can withstand society’s questions, because society will ask. Your friends and family will ask. Businesses, employers, colleagues will ask. What will you say?  What do you say? Believe in something. Start with believing in yourself because you will be your strongest foundation, however shaky things may seem.

It gets better, we get stronger and we build character. Building is a process or construction and reconstruction. You are the architect of your life. 

That's right, YOU are the architect -- with or without the t-shirt.

Go out and create your masterpiece.