Day 462

another ‘rest day.’ Bah humbug. Out of necessity, not desire.

Tomorrow is deadlift day. It’s decided. I’m sensing a PR…

Macros have been pretty spot on. The weekend required some damage control (unmeasured snacking on some good ol’ natty PB and medjool dates while studying). Managed to even out the numbers though and I’m back on point!

Oh! Had the most amazing quest bar today.
so good!

Perfect pre-final exam fuel! It made me happy. Food has an uncanny ability to do that. Food and sleep. And training. I can’t wait til the semesters over. My life will revolve around those three. <3

One down. Three to go.

Treated myself to dinner (roast chicken from the rotisserie down the street). It’s tres delish and it’ll take care of my meals til Saturday.. I think :)

It’s only 7:30 pm and I’m exhausted. Which makes sense, I guess… I have been up since 4:30 am ;) … Not working out makes me tired. I’m also listening to some very chill “lounge music” … I think they’re speaking/singing/whispering in tongue. That’s some subliminal shizz right there.

Did you read my poem from yesterday. I read it today. Crazy how moods/temperaments can change in 24 hours.

Grateful through it all. Grateful for you.

Goodnight beautiful people. x

The Silent Killer: A Poem

We are born.
We aspire to greatness

We fight the good fight.
We fight a few bad fights.
We fight against the odds.

Sometimes we win.
Sometimes we lose.
Sometimes we beat the odds.

Either way, we fight.
We struggle.

Mediocrity is the enemy and it surrounds us.

We get pushed, we push back (harder).
We get hit, we hit back (stronger).
We get knocked down.
We get back up again (faster).

….Until the day we don’t.

Mediocrity consumes us.
Or death does.

Either way; we die.

We die, fighting.
We die, struggling.
We die aspiring to be great(er).
We die trying to be better.

Murder in the first degree;
Murder by mediocrity.

Day 460


Back Squats 5×5 @ 155#
Push Press 5×5 @ …75% of 1RM

For time: 5 rounds
20 double unders/40 single skips*
10 overhead squats**
5 burpees

Time: 7:04

*majority were singles; double unders need practice! Speed rope on order…

**regulation weight was 45#, I used 35# for the final 4 sets after realising how unstable 45 felt. safety first!

Day 459

I read something tonight. Something disturbingly beautiful. Suspicious timing though.


I guess some people will always have a place in our hearts, even when they no longer have a place in our lives.


They’re embedded into the soft tissue of an otherwise hardened heart. Reminding you of the depths with which you once cared…


How foolish was I, to confuse the pain of a broken heart with the wound from a knife put through my chest.


A fool in love.

If It Fits Your Lifestyle: A Response to IIFYM and dieting backlash.

I’ve had a few people ask me about IIFYM (If it fits your macros) and others condemn it without any/limited understanding.

Not cool.

IIFYM is not an excuse to eat anything and everything under the sun; it’s if it fits your macros not if it fits your mouth. There’s a science behind it. It adds flexibility and structure (hence its alias; ‘flexible dieting’) and it works for me. Just like “clean eating, eating paleo, eating whatever the fcuk you want does for others. The emphasis is no doubt, on eating whole foods most of the time. The difference is that with IIFYM, if you’re craving something ‘dirty’… you can work around it. It’s not a green light to fill your macros with pop tarts and protein shakes.

Educate yourself.

Everyone is different. Different genes. Different metabolisms. Different dispositions. There’s no ONE way of achieving your goals.  If you’re short on time/don’t want to read, just watch this.

Dr. Layne Norton follows and has been a prominent advocate and source of information on all things IIFYM. Brook Erickson is another IIFYM advocate… and a mother of 3 children.

Dr. Layne Norton, Natural Bodybuilder, IIFYM advocate.

Dr. Layne Norton, Natural Bodybuilder, IIFYM advocate.

Brooke Erickson, IFFB Pro, follows IIFYM regime.

Brooke Erickson, IFFB Pro, follows IIFYM regime.


Mark Sission is one of the faces of Paleolithic (Paleo/Primal) ‘dieting’


Mark Sisson, Primal Eater.


Joe Donnelly doesn’t give a fcuk. He out trains everything he eats with HIIT training and intense weight training. Don’t believe me, read some of his very opinionated posts on Facebook.

Joe Donnelly, athlete, trainer and entrepreneur.

Joe Donnelly, athlete, trainer and entrepreneur.


…and I think, Chady Dunmore follows a similar regime with a 80/20 split.


Chady Dunmore, Fitness Model, trainer & entrepreneur.


Pauline Nordin created her own system of nutrition and branded it; it’s called Fighter Diet.

Pauline Nordin, Trainer, Entrepreneur and former competitor.

Pauline Nordin, Trainer, Entrepreneur and former competitor.


Would you have been able to tell me which of these athletes followed IIFYM? Who is/was a ‘clean eater’? Are you going to try and tell me which of these athletes is better than the other? …and if you are, what gives you the authority to? Who are you to decide what works for them, or anyone for that matter?

I know people, “real people” who follow each of these, and they all have different (and equally amazing) body compositions. I knew a woman who’d eat clean during the week and had pizza and ice cream Friday night, with additional ‘treats’ on the weekend. I know multiple people (since having sought information/resources) who follow IIFYM and my goodness, their bodies look amazing. I’ve met and known paleo eaters, who swear by their nutritional lifestyle choices.  Intermittent fasters, precision nutrition’ers. Clean eaters who binged after a competition, clean eaters who reverse dieted out of competition prep. You name it! They’re everywhere and it’s working for them.

Seriously. Watch it.

Science is ever evolving. Research is ever advancing. Don’t you think our understanding should too? Quit condemning sh!t you know sh!t about. Find what works for you then do it. Or follow others, for better or worse. Whatever path you choose, understand that it is your path. Your body. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.And above all else, be consistent. Hopping around from one ‘diet’ to another will never yield any results.

Below is a list of resources for those interested in IIFYM and links have been embedded throughout this post for each of the athletes and their respective nutrition regimes (where available).

‘Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.’ – Bruce Lee

Additional resources:



Dr. Layne Norton video on Clean Eating and IIFYM


Elliot Hulse on DIETING! (Explicit language):
‘Honour your experience beyond other people’s advice’ – Elliot Hulse


These coaches offer services to calculate your macros for you and offer one-on-one consultations and programs. My brother has been working with The Strength Guys

Ben Esgro

Paul Revelia

Team 3DMJ

Brooke Erickson

Sohee Lee

Dr. Joe Klemczewski

Ava Cowan

Brian Melancon

Pamela Sampson

William Grazione

Team Wilson

Evan Godbee

Dynamic Duo

Connor LaVallie

Ryan Blackburn



Day 455

(Latergram)… because it needs to be recorded.

Front Squats
Working to 1RM… 155# x2

3-tier MetCon

AMRAP: 4 Mins
20 Squats (with plate weight)
Overhead carry (100m(?))
10 Butterfly sit-ups

Rest 3 minutes

AMRAP: 4 mins
15 Kettlebell Swings
10 Burpees

Rest 2 minutes

AMRAP: 2 mins
Wall Balls

The MetCon was brutal. I was thoroughly fatigued.. and yet, I thought I’d try to hit another PR.

I didn’t, of course. I managed to hit #155 again but failed 160#. I should’ve walked away knowing I had more in the tank than trying again after that hellish WOD. Ah, well…